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Dirtybitpodcast 26-On The Naughty List

Dirtybitpodcast 26-On The Naughty List
A Christmas Tale written and read by SexxxySherry.
A single sexy Lady gets  invited to a Christmas Party or should we say Christmas Orgy.

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Dirtybitpodcast 25- Samantha's Story pt2 written by Nikki and read by SexxxySherry.
Samanath has fun with with her aunt and then again with her aunts friend. FF

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DirtyBitPodcast 24

Samantha's Story: You're Mine
Story written by Nikki and read by SexxxySherry
Story of a wild young lady gone to live with her aunt and meets her aunt's best friend.

Our music is from Lhasa Mencur, please check out his site http://lhasamencur.bandcamp.com/

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a tale of a house wife amd a firefighter part 1 Read and written by SexxxySherry

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SexxxySherry reads a story she wrote about a a halloween swingers party. MF

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Dirtybitpodcast01Camping trip
SexxxySherry tells a tale of a camping trip with a twist. (MFF)

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