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Dirtybitpodcast 59- Popping the maid's cherry

Mistress Xena is our guess cast member this week. She is both the author and reader to this erotic adventure. She takes in a boy for her own maid, then she works on popping her new maid's cherry.

offical website  http://mistressxena.com
videos  http://www.bizarre-cinema.com
studio  http://www.thestudiochicago.com
twitter  http://twitter.com/mistressxena
bondage night chicago party  http://bondagenightchicargo.com
Nuit Des Libertines Party http://libertineschicago.com
facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002655132040

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Dirtybitpodcast 58- Schedules

When your naughty misstress wants to be pleased, you best please her as there is no telling what lengths she will go to in order to have some extra time with you! Story by Edward Cantor Read by SexxxySherry
Follow Edward on Twitter @edward_cantor
and check him out on amazon http://amazon.com/Edward-Cantor/e/B008MKHFFOY

Plus a promo for Podd Socks

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