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Dirtybitpodcast 100- A Little Bit Of Everything

Dirtybitpodcast 100- A Little Bit Of Everything

It has been a long but fun trip. This is our 100th episode.

This is a fun completely fictional story written  colabortatly by 7 authors. A woman is invited in to the world of swinging by a couple she has gotten to know. This evolves to a wonderful sexual life style trying to check off each others sexual bucket lists and explore new aspects of the wonderful world of sex.
Aidan Stone
RJ Redlynn
Edward Cantor
Shayna York
Tonya Kinzer
Plus Congrats from some great people

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If you enjoyed New Couple in Kates Life please check out the author  @MultyAmory http://eu.nifty.org/nifty/authors.html#MultyAmory

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Dirtybitpodcast 98- New Couple In Kate's Life Part 2

Dirtybitpodcast 98- New Couple In Kate's Life Part 2
SexxxySherry reads us Part 2 of this great story by MultyAmory.  

Part 1 Kate is introduced to a new couple that she might enjoy playing with. The thing is this couple is not a man and woman but two bi males. Can Kate handle Jason and Tony. Can Jason and Tony handle Kate. Listen and find out how this relationship turns out.

Part 2
Jason and Tony are trying to talk Kate into moving in with them. Talking goes from talking to showing what she will be getting if she moves in. Can she handle living with not just one lover but two?

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