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Dirtybitpodcast 102- A Frequent Customer

Dirtybitpodcast 102- A Frequent Customer
A erotic tale of a BBW that gives happy ending massage. By KelseyD and read by SexxxySherry.

About the Author:
KelseyD is a BBW from BC, Canada.
Some of KelseyD’s hobbies and interests include playing video games on both the
computer and Nintendo systems as she is a big Nintendo fan, leisurely swimming in her
local lake and her backyard pool, reading, watching movies, especially horror movies
(big horror fan) and spending time with friends and family. She also loves a glass of wine
or two to get her warmed up for a mutual massage and a hot sex session!

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Dirtybitpodcast 101- New Couple In Kate's Life Part 3
SexxxySherry reads us Part 2 of this great story by MultyAmory.  

Part 1 Kate is introduced to a new couple that she might enjoy playing with. The thing is this couple is not a man and woman but two bi males. Can Kate handle Jason and Tony. Can Jason and Tony handle Kate. Listen and find out how this relationship turns out.

Part 2
Jason and Tony are trying to talk Kate into moving in with them. Talking goes from talking to showing what she will be getting if she moves in. Can she handle living with not just one lover but two?

Part 3
Jason, Tony and Kate play a little game but who will win.

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