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Dirtybitpodcast 210- Jessie ch3 Pearl
By Lexie Mueller and read by SexxxySherry

Jessie: An Erotic Romance
Couples, and close friends of long standing – Debbie & Ira, Jessie & Ken – in a bid to spice up their marriages, embark on a partner swap. Subsequently, Ken gets cold feet and demands of his wife that they desist. But it’s too late – what has been done can’t be undone: Jessie and Ira, who were already half way there, have fallen head over heels in love.
Ken now bends all his efforts toward keeping them apart, but, defying his wishes, the lovers continue to meet in secret. In the months and years that follow, their passion for each other steadily grows, its intensity still undiminished when their relationship comes to an unexpected and, for Ira, shattering end.
This love story, set on an exotic island in the South Pacific, while essentially a work of fiction, is based on real events. Although tender and romantic, it is much raunchier than any book you've ever read (Jilly Cooper and EL James go weep) and you don't have to go looking: the sexy bits are distributed evenly throughout. The book does contain very strong language and many scenes of a sexually explicit nature both heterosexual and lesbian and should not be perused by persons who find such material objectionable.

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Dirtybitpodcast 209- Bareback For A Purpose
Story by Joan Vegas read by SexxxySherry.
A tale when a husband and wife want to have children but the husband has a low sperm count. What a better way to get her pregnant than share her with other men.

Please check out Joan Vegas page https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JoanVegas

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