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DirtyBitPodcast 257- Giggles part 1
This naughty tale comes the mind of Zatanna Dark and read by SexxxySherry
Ginger walked into Max's Life as he waited for her in the Cafe'. This Blind Date, Max was determined, would be perfect . . . and then she leaves him with his hand bike locked to the table post . . .

Texting the Girl he just met [I Love You] would get him freedom . . . while leading him further into her Games .


WARNING: Contains Scenes of, but not limited to - Bondage, Extreme Cock & Ball Torture, Prolonged Bondage, BDSM, Blow Job, Distress, Tease & Denial, Sensory Deprivation, kidnapping, Pain, Pleasure, attempted Murder . . . Oh, and Romance ; )


Zatanna Dark
Twitter @dark_zatanna


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Dirtybitpodcast 256- My Perfectly Pumped Pussy
 This Naughty little tale is from Mistress Gina and read to you by SexxxSherry.
Mistress Gina tells us about pumping her pussy to a swollen puffy flower.

Check out Mistress Gina

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Dirtybitpodcast 255- Therapy part 3
A naughty tale by Zatanna Dark and read by SeXXXySherry.

 "She needed to find a way to finally relax . . . and find it she did at the hands of Counselor Catherine. Cat used bondage, helplessness and Sensory Deprivation as ways to release ones mind from Day to Day Stress . . . and it worked . . . almost too good. Finally experiencing the release from Stress brings her to needing it more often and leads her to a little Game Night with Natalie, Cat's Receptionist . . . for an even more enticing and intense experience. Whenwill she ever get enough of her newfound Love? Will she be able to make it all the way home without needing to stop and masturbate herself to orgasm? Howfarand to what level will Counselor Cat take her helpless body and mind?" 
       Love Zatanna

 WARNING:Contains Scenes of, but not limited to -StraponDildo, Prolonged Bondage,BDSM, Distress, SensoryDeprivation, Electro stimulation, Punishments, Forced Orgasms, Spanking ...Oh,and Romance ; )

Zatanna Dark 
Twitter @dark_zatanna

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