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Dirtybitpodcast 223- A Haunted Night
A haunted tale by Phat Bitch and read by our naughty SexxxySherry
A bunch of people stay overnight at an old haunted historical prison.
What could happen?

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For our October Halloween month we happy to bring you a story from Geminiguy7 and read by the hot and spocky SexxxySherry.

A man is drawn to a house after a sexual encounter late nighr with a strange but exotic woman.
#MFF #inc #oral
#anal #rom
#succubus #fantasy

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Dirtybitpodcast 221- THE DEAMON AND THE FAIRY
Naughty little tale by outlawpanther and read my SexxxySherry
What happens when a devilish demon meets an innocent fairy, listen to find out.

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