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Dirtybitpodcast 313- My Wifes Sexy Surprise

This hot story was wrritten by towatchher2 
and read by SeXXXySherry.
Wife tells hubby about a time she went to 
the bar while he was at work and she did 
not just pick up one BBC but 2.

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Dirtybitpodcast 312- Camping in the RV fun
this hot story was wrritten by towatchher2 and read by SeXXXySherry.
A couple meet up with a new friend at a RV park. Hubby lets their new friend have fun with his hot wife.

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Dirtybitpodcast 311- The Point Of A Sexy Holiday

A naught tale by Dianne Herbert and read by SeXXXySherry
A young lady has a new adventure where she takes a vacation to the USA from UK to meet up with a older couple..

Follow Dianne Herbert at these following links
X (Twitter):  @AuthorDherbert
Mesium: https://medium.com/@DianneHerbert

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