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DirtyBitPodcast150- DBP Turned Me Into A Slut
Yes people we are proud to say we are on episode 150. Somedays we thought we would never get this far but with support from our listeners and from the great authors we are here and we hope we are here for many more episodes to come.

DBP Turned Me Into A Slut was created just for us by the married team of Dev & Bree and read by the one and only SexxxySherry.
This naughty tale is about a house wife that is craving something else but does not know what it is until she listens to DIRTYBITPODCAST and SexxxySherry tells her what she is craving and how toget what she NEEDS.
This story reminds me of a movie quote.
"Talk hard,
I like that,
It's like a dirty
thought in a clean mind"
~Pump Up the Volume


Fun Fact about this episode:

Canada where DBP is from turned 150 in 2017. We rush to put out the ep 150 before the end of the year so we could say they both had 150th in 2017. DBP 150 was to come out Jan 3 2018.


Dev & Bree are a married couple who create steamy lust-filled erotica. Dev is the writer while Bree is his editor, business manager, and muse. Together they build stories that invite you to experience the arousal of passionate men and women who surrender to their intense sexual desires.
Writing under the pseudonym Devin Brees, this naughty couple offers you their deepest fantasies that they use to heighten the eroticism in their own marriage.
Whether you read with your spouse, your lover, or all alone, Dev & Bree’s stories will enhance your sexual appetite.
Don’t miss a single publication, visit www.devinbrees.com where you’ll find a full list of their titles plus purchase links to your favorite online retailer. And while you’re there, visit their contact page and send them a note. They love to hear from their naughty fans.


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Dirtybitpodcast 149- Mary Chirstmas
By The Technician (technician666@gmail.com) and read by SexxxySherry
Mary wraps herself up in lights as a Christmas present for her husband. What a great present.
Technician would love feed back so please email him.

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Dirtybitpodcast 148- Across The Room
A great story from sexonthecounterblog and read by our SexxxySherry. A couplle want to try a new life of swinging. The wife finds out she realy likes an open marriage.
Check out sexonthecounterblog at https://sexonthecounter.wordpress.com/

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