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 Dirtybitpodcast 310- My Labor Day Gang Bang
 By Imstillfun and read by SexxxySherry
What starts of as a Labor Day Party turns out to be a gang bang.


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Dirtybitpodcast 309- Pet Cuck

this story was not just read by SeXXXySherry 
but she is the author of this naughty tale.

A wife has fun with her caged cuck of a husband 
and her bull that she shares with her bull.

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DirtyBitPodcast 308- I Did it

 By Imstillfun and read by SexxxySherry
A husband fulfills a wife's fantasy of multiple men.


email: funiinca@gmail.com

webpage: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=1752207&page=submissions

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Dirtybitpodcast 307- SheWolf
By Millie Dynamite and read by SeXXXySherry. 
A short naughty tale of a sex between a human male and a werewolf female.

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Dirtybitpodcast 306- Little Discipline
Naughty tale writen by Mr Deviant and read by SeXXXySherry.
A wife and a friend uses her husband as a sex toy. 2 holes that need to be filled.

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  Dirtybitpodcast 305- Victoria The Vicar's Wife
A spicy tale of the secret life of Victoria before she became the Vicar's Wife.
Writen by Cassidy Egan and read by SeXXXySherry
Check out Cassidy Egan on 
"X"(Twitter) @CassidyEgan1997
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Dirtybitpodcast 304- The Legal Department
 A steamy tale by HeyAll and read by seXXXySherry
A erotic tale about how it is now the women work world. FF

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 Dirtybitpodcast 303- Open Windows
 A naughty tale by JA Martin and read by SeXXXySherry.
A naughty  woman spies on her neighbor. See where it leads to.

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