Dirtybitpodcast 66- BodyBliss

Dirtybitpodcast 66- BodyBliss

Does giving up power to him turn you on? His tease make you tingle? Enjoy this erotic tale of passion as she gives up control and finds herself in total Body Bliss. Story by Mel McBoutin and read by SexxxySherry. MF

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Dirtybitpodcast 65- I turned the tables last night

Dirtybitpodcast 65- I turned the tables last night

A letter to a friend explains how she wants to experience sex as a man and how she fulfilled this fantasy. Written by AJQuick and read by SexxxySherry. Check out more AJQuickwork at EuphoriaAndLust.com/blog  

Also an ad for our favorite tattoo parlor outlawtattoocalgary.com and for blackflag.tv horror streaming 24h.

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Dirtybitpodcast 64- Theresa

Dirtybitpodcast 64- Theresa
Theresa, a single 8 month pregnant stripper, trying to get home after her shift in a snow storm meets a true gentleman who helps her out in more ways than one. Story by Jerrycurious and read by SexxxySherry.

Plus "Unconditional Love" by Heaven the axe
Check them out at Heaventheaxe.com and @Heaventheaxe

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